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Viva Homewares

A warm and thoughtful home is a place that is not only seen with the eyes, it is felt with the heart.  It’s a home that subtly and ever so gently reveals the character and story behind the people who live within.  It is reflected in the pictures they hang, the colours they choose and the trends they embrace.  As you walk the hallways you feel the laughter bouncing off the walls, you smell the soup simmering on the stove and you can feel the stories within your heart.  It’s a place that feels so comforting that you want to stop off and just stay a while.

We all know that you can never buy soul and heart for a home, for it is something that is cultivated and earnt over the years.  However if it is a more personalised and inviting home you seek, then the good news is that with carefully selected home wares you can add warmth and appeal to your home almost instantly.

Here at Viva Blinds and Interiors we offer a wide range of high quality home wares at an extremely affordable price. With a little thought and planning you will be able to elevate the style of your home, inject some real personality all at an affordable price.

Create an impressive focal point with a vibrant piece of wall art or alternatively capture the essence of nature by placing some freshly cut flowers in a beautiful and bold vase.