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First we will book you a complimentary design consultation with a highly trained design consultant who is ready to give you expert advice and help you find a solution that fits your style and budget. Planning is the most important phase of the entire process, for it is very important that we consider every possible permutation of interior design, so that we can maximise your homes space and character with the budget you have set aside.

During your consultation one of our experienced designers will sit down with you for as long as it takes to get to know you, to know what inspires you and to discover what is important to you in a home. Our designer will work closely with you to create a look that’s warm, practical and personalised. We design the project by sketching out the flow of your space, your furniture placement, your lighting, your wall décor, and even your paint colours. By doing this we get a feel for where the project is headed, and often we may need to book in a home visit.

The goal of the planning stage is to get an overall idea and outline of what you want. This is a crucial step in any design process, for it helps define and bring clarity to your project before we move on to choose the colours, lighting, home wares, blinds etc. As a professional design company it is at this stage that we ensure all communication is clear, ensuring that we hold the same vision for your home as what you do. Once you are happy with the drafted project we move onto the fun part of designing your vision and bringing it to life.