Outdoor Awnings

Relief from the hot Australian summer

Thanks to Viva Blinds, you can optimise and enhance your windows with outdoor blinds and external awnings Melbourne wide. Our awnings work to shield your home from the harsh Australian sun, and look fantastic at the same time.

An easy way to dress up your windows, retractable awnings add a touch of character and colour to your home’s façade. You can even customise your own individual flattering effect to match the décor of your outdoor area as all our external awnings come in a large range of hood designs and bottom trims.

A key benefit of these retractable awnings is their excellent performance against nature’s harsh elements, and exterior blinds screen the sun’s heat and glare more effectively than interior blinds. Tough, durable fabrics and fixtures retain their smart appearance and protective qualities season after season. Extend the longevity of your furniture and flooring while creating a visually lifting first impression with outdoor blinds and retractable awnings.

As the name suggests, the retractable awnings can be opened or closed depending on the time of day. Choose your control option from simple to operate manual winding cranks, ropes or poles, or even the brilliant convenience of motorisation with a remote control.

Select from a range of canvas fabrics that provide 100% UV blockout or retain your views and let light in your home by selecting one of our many external screen fabrics.

From classic stripes to generous block colours, our external awnings Melbourne service will make your home look and feel cool and fresh in a range of prints. Browse our extensive range of retractable awnings today.


  • Awnings reduce sunlight, heat and glare on your windows, this in turn reduces your interior temperature and cooling costs
  • Are 5-7 times more effective at heat control than interior treatments
  • Provides effective protection against UV rays, blocks 80-100% depending on fabrics selected, of solar heat rays
  • Protects against damaging effects of the sun on your furnishings and flooring
  • Ideal for sun protection, privacy and offers a stylish and modern finish
  • Our range includes new or we can replace the fabric on your existing awnings, saving you money!
  • Durable fabric ensures that over time your blinds retain performance and attractive appearance


  • All Viva Blinds are custom made to the highest standards
  • Water resistant and sanitised canvas fabrics which helps protect against mould, mildew and increases fabric life
  • Double stitch canvas
  • An interchangeable heavy duty spring that provides even fabric tension with long life and reliability
  • Automatic awnings (standard only) are attached with a minimum of 12 fixing points to ensure safety and reduce rattling
  • Integrated Spline which ensures fabric does not slip or come away from roller or bottom rail

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